Our family has always had a love for animals. We adopted our first dog “Lucky” in January 2006. He was 2 months old at the time and immediately became part of our family. A few years later we decided it was time for another furbaby. In 2010 we adopted our little baby “Zoey”. Not only did the 2 dogs become best friends, they were also incredible companions to our children. As our children grew older and became teenagers/adults our house became very quiet. So three years ago we decided to start fostering dogs in need of a temporary home. The first few months we did great fostering some puppies. It was an amazing experience, caring for them until they found a forever home.

One afternoon we received a phone call that would forever change our lives. A pregnant adult dog that tested positive for heartworm had to have an emergency cesarean, her and her 1 surviving pup were in need of a foster home. We knew taking a puppy the day that he was born was going to be a long commitment, but we didn’t realize exactly how long of a commitment we were making. Faith and Dak came home with us 1/31/2020. It was only 3 months later that we officially adopted them, Yes they were our first foster fail and we would not have had it any other way. Faith successfully completed her heartworm treatment and is doing great, Dak is now 3 years old and a very handsome man. Of course it didn’t stop there. We also adopted our Sadie girl in December 2020 and Ruger joined our family in February 2021. We love all of them and could not imagine our lives without them.

Unfortunately on 3/26/2020 we had to say goodbye to our Lucky boy. He gave us 14 wonderful years and we miss him dearly.

With 5 dogs in our family we are at our personal capacity but we would still like to help as many animals as we can. Lucky’s Animal Rescue is being started for this sole purpose. Our mission is to end animal suffering through a direct and compassionate action inspiring the highest ethical standards of humanity towards animals.